Who Are We?

We are the Smith family of Spring Mills, PA. For five generations of our family, we have been building the highest quality homes and providing our customers with the best possible workmanship.


For more than thirty years, the residents of the Centre County and the surrounding region have been inviting us into their homes and into their lives. And we hold it the highest regard if you choose to trust us with your home building or renovation project.


From your first dream…rawpixel-com-604750-unsplash.jpg







…to the finished project… House







…we want to be there for you every step of the way.

We know that your home is the place where you build your family and your life. We use the best quality materials to help you build your dream home.


Thank you for your trust. We hope to continue to serve you for another thirty plus years!cropped-logo-impressive-homes-current-copy.jpg



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